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Euro 2012 Quick Facts

Dates: 8 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Host countries: Poland and Ukraine
Participants: 16 national teams
Opening match: Warsaw, 8 June
Final match: Kyiv, 1 July
Matches will be played in 8 cities: Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv
Live broadcast: in more than 200 territories around the world

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Football Championships and Language Barriers

It's difficult to predict what the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 will be like, apart from the likelihood that about 1.4 million fans will be expected at the stadiums. The fans will come to Ukraine and Poland, two host countries, from all over the world. And the majority of them will not speak local languages - Polish and Ukrainian. Will a language barrier be a problem for them?

    If you plan to visit Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, how are you going to overcome the language barrier? Do you already know some Ukrainian and Polish words? Do you plan to learn more? Is it really necessary for football fans to know basics of a local language of a country hosting a football championship? What do you think? Click here to share your experience.

In the effort to bridge the language and cultural barriers, the EuroLang 2012 Project offers free Ukrainian and Polish language/culture packages. They are aimed at helping football fans, who will visit the European Football Championship 2012, to overcome communicative barriers in host countries. The language packages consist of a self-study e-learning language course, audio files, a phrase guide, and a glossary. Cultural information packages include information on history, customs, traditions, and places of historical interest in Poland and Ukraine.

The Polish language learning package is complete and you can use it to learn Polish at the basic level. However, the situation with the package for learning Ukrainian is not so good. As a native speaker of Ukrainian, I’ve reviewed this package (review date: March 29, 2010) and found out that it is incomplete.

First, one has to create an account on EuroLang 2012 Project page to be able to access this package. Although the course is meant for football fans, anyone, who wants to learn basic Ukrainian, can use it. The course consists of 19 lessons. Each lesson is subdivided into 5 sections: the main topic of the lesson accompanied by an audio file, exercises, multimedia exercises, grammar, and vocabulary. Unfortunately, almost each Ukrainian lesson has three sections (exercises, multimedia exercises, and vocabulary) in Polish instead of Ukrainian. HOWEVER, the Ukrainian language course is still at the development stage and hopefully the Polish language will be soon replaced by Ukrainian where appropriate.

    Additional free Ukrainian language learning resources that can help the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship fans and other interested people to learn Ukrainian:

    • Learn Ukrainian with crosswords. Five different crosswords to learn Ukrainian: 100 Ukrainian Words to Know, Ukrainian Slang Words, Ukrainian Grammar, Ukrainian Phrases, and Ukrainian Culture.
    • Learn and practice Ukrainian via a language exchange. MyLanguageExchange offers an opportunity to learn conversational Ukrainian online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. Many language learning features are free, but some are paid. However, a fee for paid services is very small.
    • Livemocha offers free basic lessons in Ukrainian. You have to register to use this service. There is a possibility to upgrade to advanced paid courses with additional features. You can join a social networking group and speak live to Ukrainians interested in learning English. But be careful with this feature, because it is open to misuse. You can receive irrelevant messages.
    • 12 essential Ukrainian phrases with translation and audio playback available from the BBC
    • Free Ukrainian lessons online for beginners provided by Internet Polyglot. Arranged as games that you can play online.



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