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If you have a high-quality website RELATED to foreign languages, linguistics, translation, or online education, I am happy to add a link to your site within the categories featured on this Foreign Languages Page in exchange for a direct link to from your site.

Please DO NOT request a link exchange if:

- You have more than 50 links on the page on which my reciprocal link will be placed
- You are linking not directly, but from a third party website
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- Your site is not related to foreign languages, linguistics, translation, and online education
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Language Translation Help. Get Translation That Works
As any business, the language translation business has its rules and standards. A quick guide will help translation clients to become familiar with these rules in order to get translations of the required standard.


The above code will generate the following link:

Russian Language in Modern World
What is the situation with the Russian language in the modern world? Is Russian as "great and powerful" today as it has been in the 19th century? This page will help to get answers.


The above code will generate the following link:

Language Dictionary
Language dictionary: a look into its origins, what 'dictionary' means as a word, types and families of dictionaries.


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Translation Jobs
How to stop hunting for translation jobs and start working on your own terms. Information for freelance translators (and other freelancers).

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Instead of exchanging links, you can get a one way link back from this site to your site. And here is how:

- Go from this Foreign Languages Page to the Have Your Say Page and choose a topic of interest.

- Submit your original story/opinion/thoughts along with your URL. The submission should be of not less than 400 words and should contain original and relevant material. Please DO NOT submit sales pitches, articles of other people or your own article already published on a dozen websites. I reserve the right not to publish materials that I deem low-quality and irrelevant to the theme of this site.

- If your submission is approved, I'll create a page for your submission and place a link back to your site on such page. (The page with a link to you will look like this one.)

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