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Do you know how your name is translated into Ukrainian? The point is that in translation English names are usually transliterated (spelled with the help of the Ukrainian alphabet). Some English names have Ukrainian equivalents: Andrew – Андрій, Basil – Василь, Elizabeth – Єлизавета, Nicholas – Микола, etc. Here is a list of English forenames and their respective Ukrainian names - transliterations and equivalents (equivalents are marked with blue). If interested, have a look. Files are in a .pdf format.

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Free Ukrainian Translation by Human Translators

You will hardly find someone who will translate large texts for free. However, it is possible to get free Ukrainian translation of phrases, sentences and short texts. To market their services, some translation agencies/translators offer free human translation of very short texts. For example, a Ukrainian translation company offers free Ukrainian translations of one or a few words: Another translation agency offers a free 100 character translation service ( and provides, in particular, free Ukrainian translations.

Language forums are the right place to find some help with free Ukrainian translation:

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Free Ukrainian Translation: Ukrainian Words and Phrases

If you want to know some basic Ukrainian phrases and common Ukrainian words used in everyday life, here they are. Natural conversation is impossible without these speech patterns. In the column "Pronunciation" below, soft Ukrainian consonants are marked with the sign " ' " and stressed vowels in polysyllables with the red color.

In EnglishIn UkrainianPronunciation
Free Ukrainian translation:
Hello!Привіт! (informal) or Вітаю! (formal)pryvit or vitaiu
Good morning!Добрий ранок!dobry ranok
Good afternoon!Добрий день!dobry den'
Good evening!Добрий вечір!dobry vechir
Good night!На добраніч!na dobranich
Goodbye!До побачення!do pobachenia
Bye!Бувайте! or Бувай!buvaite (to a group of people) or buvai (to one person)
See you!До зустрічі!do zustrichi
See you later!До скорої зустрічі!do skoroi zustrichi
Free Ukrainian translation:
Happy birthday!З днем народження!z dnem narodzhenia
Happy New Year!З Новим Роком!z novym rokom
Merry Christmas!З Різдвом! z rizdvom
Happy Easter!З Великоднем!z velykodnem
However, the traditional Ukrainian Paschal greeting is as follows:
salutation: Христос воскрес! (Christ has arisen!) [khrystos voskres], and the reply: Воїстину воскрес! ((He has) truly arisen!) [voistynu voskres]
Congratulations on your new baby boy!Поздоровляю з новонародженим!pozdorovliaiu z novonarodzhenym
Congratulations on your new baby girl!Поздоровляю з новонародженою!pozdorovliaiu z novonarodzhenoiu
Free Ukrainian translation:
Some love phrases
I like youТи мені подобаєшсяty meni podobaieshsia
I like you more and more all the timeТи мені подобаєшся все більше і більшеty meni podobaieshsia vse bil'she i bil'she
I really care for youЯ справді люблю тебеia spravdi liubliu tebe
I love youЯ кохаю тебеia kokhaiu tebe
I love you to distractionЯ кохаю тебе до нестямиia kokhaiu tebe do nestiamy
I do everything I can to make you love meЯ роблю все, що можу, щоб ти кохала мене or
Я роблю все, що можу, щоб ти кохав мене
ia robliu vse scho mozhu schob ty kokhala mene (if a man is speaking) or
ia robliu vse scho mozhu schob ty kokhav mene (if it's a woman)
I want you to love me as I love youЯ хочу, щоб ти кохала мене так само, як я кохаю тебе or
Я хочу, щоб ти кохав мене так само, як я кохаю тебе
ia khochu schob ty kokhala mene tak samo iak ia kokhaiu tebe (if a man is speaking) or
ia khochu schob ty kokhav mene tak samo iak ia kokhaiu tebe (if it's a woman)
Do you love me?Ти мене кохаєш?ty mene kokhaiesh
Free Ukrainian translation:
What to say in everyday situations
How are you?Як справи?yak spravy
Ok; I'm okНормальноnormal'no
I'm fineДобреdobre
So-soТак собіtak sobi
Bad; BadlyПоганоpohano
And you?А у тебе?a u tebe
What is your name?Як вас звати? or
Як тебе звати?
yak vas zvaty (to an unknown person) or yak tebe zvaty (to a friend)
My name is ...Мене звуть …mene zvut'
I'm pleased to meet youЯ радий познайомитися
Я рада познайомитися
ya radyi poznaiomytysia (if a man is speaking) or
ya rada poznaiomytysia (if it's a woman)
Nice to meet youДуже приємноduzhe pryiemno
Can you speak English?Ви розмовляєте англійською? or
Ти розмовляєш англійською?
vy rozmovliaete anhliis’koiu (to an unknown person) or
ty rozmovliaesh anhliis’koiu (to a friend)
A littleТрохи trokhy
YesТак tak
Where do you live?Де ви живете? or
Де ти живеш?
de vy zhyvete (to an unknown person) or
de ty zhyvesh (to a friend)
I live in (the USA/Great Britain/Ukraine)Я живу у США / Великобританії / Україніya zhyvu u seshea / velykobrytanii / ukraini
Do you understand me?Ви розумієте мене? or
Ти розумієш мене?
vy rozumiete mene (to an unknown person) or
ty rozumiesh mene (to a friend)
Of courseЗвичайноzvychaino
I don't understandЯ не розуміюya ne rozumiiu
I understand (I see)Я розуміюya rozumiiu
I don't knowЯ не знаюya ne znaiu
Sorry (Excuse me)Вибачте or
vybachte (to an unknown person) or
vybach (to a friend)
What's new?Що нового?scho novoho
Can I help you?Я можу вам допомогти? or,br> Я можу тобі допомогти?ya mozhu vam dopomohty (to an unknown person) or
ya mozhu tobi dopomohty (to a friend)
Can you help me?Ви можете мені допомогти?
Ти можеш мені допомогти?
vy mozhete meni dopomohty (to an unknown person) or
ty mozhesh meni dopomohty (to a friend)
Thank youДякуюdiakuiu
Thank you very muchДуже дякуюduzhe diakuiu
You are welcome (Don't mention it) (Please)Будь ласка (Нема за що)bud' laska (nema za scho)
Come with me!Ходімо зі мною! khodimo zi mnoiu
What is this?Що це?scho tse
How much is this? (How much?)Скільки це коштує? (Скільки?) (Скільки коштує?)skil'ky tse koshtuie (skil'ky) (skil'ky koshtuie])
No problem!Без проблем bez problem
I have to goМені треба йтиmeni treba ity
Good luck!Щасти!schasty

The Ukrainian alphabet is here.

In addition to the abovementioned free Ukrainian translation options, online Ukrainian dictionaries may be helpful in meeting needs in free Ukrainian translations.

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