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Tell Your Story or Ask Question is all about online language translation. It examines translation services from different angles in order to help people in need of translations to hack through the "translation jungle."

Browse pages listed below and enjoy reading materials about online language translation and other themes submitted by visitors to this site.

By the way, you can participate and add your voice too. Whether you are a professional translator or a user of language translation services, you may have invaluable experience, advice, or stories to share. This is your opportunity to add a page to this site. Just choose the topic of interest below.

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Online Language Translation Talk: Choose Your Topic

1. Language Translation Tips - Since this language translation site is developed to cater to needs of users and buyers of translation services, all translation professionals are welcome to publish here their tips and advice to people in need of translations. I offer a link back to a professional translator's site in return for his or her great page of original tips and advice for translation clients. If the translator does not have a site, he or she can still post other contact information for his/her prospective clients.

2. Funny Translations - This is the place where you can share stories about and photos of funny translations that have made you laugh.

3. Stories about Translation Errors - Here you can tell a story about a fatal translation error that shocked you or affected your life.

4. Russian-English Dictionary Reviews - Do you know the best Russian-English Dictionary? If so, don't keep it to yourself. Let us know the name of your favorite Russian-English dictionary along with all of the details that make it so special.

5. Thoughts on Crowdsourcing in Translation - Will crowdsourcing provide translation customers with value? Does the practice of crowdsourcing translations move professional translators one step closer to being a mere adjunct of the "crowd" and machine translation engines? Share your thoughts on this hot topic!

6. Questions on Russian and/or Ukrainian Neologisms - Are you having difficulties with understanding and translating Russian and/or Ukrainian neologisms? This is the place where you can ask a question about these neologisms.

7. Name Translation Stories - Do you have an interesting story about the meaning and translation of your first name, or a unique tattoo of your name in a foreign language? Let us know!

8. EURO 2012 News and Views - Do you plan to visit the EURO 2012 Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine? What about a language barrier? Have something interesting to tell about the EURO 2012? Do tell!

9. Free Language Translator: Is It Any Good? Every day mullions of us use a free language translator for online language translation of a word, a phrase, etc. This is the place to share your experiences of using free online translators. Are they any good?

10. Language Translation Services: Keep In Touch With News And Views - Want to talk about what's going on in the translation industry? Here you can lend your voice and share your thoughts, opinions, and news.

11. Free Translator: Free Translations by Humans - If you know free translators (individuals, organizations or websites that provide human translation support free of charge), please let others know about them.

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