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So, you are looking for free name translation because you want to make a tattoo, want to know the meaning of your name of foreign origin, want to be sure that the name you give your newborn baby doesn’t mean anything bad in other languages, or need to perform a school task.

Whatever the reason, you should know that most names are not being translated into other languages. Only very common ones (such as John, Adam, Mary, Anna) are translated. To be more precise, there are equivalents for these names in many languages. For example, John (English) – Иван (Russian) – Іван (Ukrainian). (For details, skip down to a page about the name John).

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As a professional translator, let me tell you that it is a standard practice among translators to transliterate first names (and surnames) into other languages. Transliteration means spelling the name by using the alphabet of the other language. For example, if I was asked to translate the name John into Russian I would translate it (in point of fact transliterate it) as Джон.

Therefore, in most cases, you will not be able to find free name translation online. Instead, you will easily find free name transliteration.

I’ve created a specialized mini search engine that searches 32 websites related to the meaning, translation and transliteration of names in different languages. Try it! Just enter your name in the search box and see what the search terns up. You can add a word translation to your query to get additional results.

    Caveat: If you are trying to find your name in a foreign language for a tattoo, free online translators or services such as Yahoo! Answers are not the best choice. You don't want a tattoo that does not say what it is supposed to. Right? Try a professional translation service, so as not to worry about getting the wrong translation.


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The name Saurabh means fragrance, nectar of flowers.

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Aishwarya means wealth, prosperity, money.

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A male name. Origin: Derived from the Hebrew name "Yochanan". Meaning: "God is gracious." Popular thanks to John the Baptist and the apostle …

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