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What The Stars Say About Names

There were articles in the press about a translation agency offering a name translation service to parents-to-be. The agency offers to check the meaning of prospective names of newborns in other languages in order to avoid the names that have negative connotations in the other tongues and cultures.

As a linguist, I have participated in multilingual brand name checks. Such checks make sense because a brand name should not be an object of derision and contempt in foreign markets.

However, the necessity of the linguistic audit of first name translations is doubtful. Indeed, why should I bother as a parent, if the name I've chosen for my baby is accepted in my language and culture?

On the other hand, if the name is exotic, I can google it or use specialized software such as Baby Names Dictionary (very good software, which contains a searchable database of more than 28,000 baby names including name origin and meaning and which makes the name searching and selection process easy and fun).

By the way, the above-mentioned name translation service is rather expensive – more than 1,000 USD for checking the meaning of a name in 100 languages. Why pay someone such a munificent reward for a simple job when it costs much less to do it yourself or with the help of the Baby Names Dictionary?


"The name is given to a man for him to be able to testify with it before God. The name is given to the man for others to know about his deeds. The name is a key opening the door to the secret knowledge about the man." In Zoroastrian texts, these words are attributed to the greatest prophet Zoroaster.

The ancients cast a personal horoscope to find out how the name fitted the person. The data obtained can help to determine whether the name, which you have, gives you power to take advantage of the full potential of your fate or, vice versa, emphasizes the negative aspects of your personality.

The choice of the name is the choice of the direction in life. Names can act as keys that open a certain version of the fate.

The ancients had a tradition of naming their children. Parents read out names so that the baby could hear them. The baby usually reacted in some way to one of the names. For reliability, the ritual was repeated several times.

Names have their origin, their genealogy. The collective unconscious of the nation leaves its mark on the names that have arisen in the midst of the nation. Over time, these names can take hold in other nations and other cultures, but the mark of the original cultural and national egregore will remain in any case. (This is another reason why name translation is not so important. At least, much less important than astrological aspects of the name).

Egregores include:

Slavic - corresponds to the sign of Aquarius

    Bogdan, Boris, Vladimir, Vlada, Vsevolod, Vseslav, Viacheslav, Vera, Dobrynia, Lada, Liubov, Liubava, Liubomir, Liudmila, Milana, Miroslav, Mstislav, Nadezhda, Rada, Rostislav, Sviatoslav, Svetlana, Stanislav, Yaroslav, and other.

Greek - corresponds to the sign of Gemini

    Male names: Alexander, Alexius, Andrew, Anatoly, Artiom, Basil, George, Gregory, Denis, Dmitry, Eugene, Leonid, Nikita, Nicholas, Peter, and other.

    Female names: Alla, Anastasia, Veronica, Ekaterina / Katherine, Elena, Ksenia / Xenia, Irina / Irene, Larissa, Maya, Sophia, Tatiana, and other.

Roman - corresponds to the sign of Aries

    Male names: Anton, Valentine, Constantine, Maxim, Mark, Paul, Roman, Sergei, and other.

    Female names: Diana, Claudia, Marina, Natalie, Julia, and other.

Biblical - corresponds to the sign of Pisces

    Anna, Daniel, Dina, Eva, Elizabeth, Ivan, Elias / Elijah, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Tamara, Yakov / Jacob / James, and other.

Scandinavian – corresponds to the sign of Capricorn

    Olga, Oleg, Askold, Gleb, Inga, Rogneda / Raghnaid / Ragnhild, Rogvolod / Ragnvald, Rurik, and other.

Persian - corresponds to the sign of Leo

    Daria, Kirill / Cyril, Vadim, Rustam / Rostam, Roxanne, Kira / Cyra, and other.

Assyrian - corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius

    Now this egregore is represented in Russian by the name Nina.

Western - corresponds to the sign of Libra

    Albert, Henry, Jeanne, Louise, Robert, Edward, and other.

Islamic - corresponds to the sign of Scorpio

    Alsou, Alia, Zulfiya, Leila, Renat, Ravil, Timur, and other.

Indian corresponds to the sign of Cancer, and Egyptian to the sign of Taurus.

There are many representatives of each zodiac sign. So the question is:

How to choose a name according to a personal horoscope?

Zoroastrians brought to us knowledge about a name's cosmic code. The ancient book Zervan-Namag says: "The name of each person and each word is read through the stars. Each part of the sky is a letter from the Book of Life, a letter that burns with invisible light. The Book of Life is written in Heaven. Every sector of the sky is connected with one of the runes, one of the letters."

So one can divide the zodiac circle of 360 degrees by the number of letters available in his/her national alphabet and see what sector in the heaven is occupied by a certain letter. And then see what planets (strong or weak, good or bad) of the personal horoscope appear in the sectors that are filled with letters of your name. Such analysis will find out if the name helps to develop and implement the strong points of your destiny.

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