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Do you know how your name is translated into Russian? The point is that in translation English names are usually transliterated (spelled with the help of the Russian alphabet). Some English names have Russian equivalents: Andrew – Андрей, Basil – Василий, Elizabeth – Елизавета, Margaret – Маргарита, Nicholas – Николай, etc. Here is a list of names used in English-speaking countries and respective Russian names - transliterations and equivalents (equivalents are marked with blue). If interested, have a look. Files are in a .pdf format.

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Free Russian Translation by Human Translators

Looking for a human translator who provides free Russian translation is not a hopeless task. Some novice translators offer free Russian translation to get experience. On the other hand, experienced translators interested in marketing their services provide free Russian translation too.

  • Free Russian Translation Help by Professional Translators, a forum that offers free English to Russian translation and Russian to English translation of short texts (
  • Free Russian translations (English to Russian) provided by Evrica, a team of students from Russia (
  • A professional Russian translator P. Protopopov, Ph.D. provides free Russian translation services on certain terms (

Free Russian Translation: Common Russian Words and Basic Russian Phrases

If you want to know some basic Russian phrases and common Russian words used in everyday life, here they are. Natural conversation is impossible without these speech patterns. In the column "Pronunciation" below, soft Russian consonants are marked with the sign " ' " and stressed vowels in polysyllables with the red color.

In English In Russian Pronunciation
Free Russian Translation:
Hello! Здравствуйте! or Привет! zdrastvuite or
privet (the latter is informal)
Good morning! Доброе утро! dobraie utra
Good afternoon! Добрый день! dobryi den'
Good evening! Добрый вечер! dobry vecher
Good night! Спокойной ночи! spakoinai nochi
Goodbye! До свидания! da svidania
Bye! Пока! paka
See you! Увидимся! uvidimsia
See you later! До скорого! da skorava
Free Russian Translation:
Happy birthday! С днём рождения! s dniom razhdenia
Happy New Year! С Новым Годом! s novym godam
Merry Christmas! С Рождеством! s razhdistvom
Happy Easter! С Пасхой! s paskhai
However, the traditional Russian Paschal greeting is as follows:
salutation: Христос воскрес(е)!(Christ has arisen!) [khristos vaskres(e)], and the reply: Воистину воскрес(е)! ((He has) truly arisen!) [vaistinu vaskres(e)]
Congratulations! Поздравляю! pazdravliaiu
Congratulations on your new baby boy! Поздравляю с новорожденным! pazdravliaiu s navarozhdenym
Congratulations on your new baby girl! Поздравляю с новорожденной! pazdravliaiu s navarozhdenai
Free Russian translation:
Some love phrases
I like you Ты мне нравишься ty mnie nravishsia
I like you more and more all the time Ты мне нравишься все больше и больше ty mnie nravishsia vsio bol'she i bol'she
I care for you Я к тебе неравнодушен or
Я к тебе неравнодушна
ya k tibe neravnadushen (if a man is speaking) or
ya k tibe neravnadushna (if it's a woman)
I love you Я тебя люблю ya tibia liubliu
I love you to distraction Я люблю тебя без памяти ya liubliu tibia bez pamiati
I do everything I can to make you love me Я делаю все, что могу, чтобы ты любила меня or
Я делаю все, что могу, чтобы ты любил меня
ya delaiu vsio shta magu shtoby ty liubila minia (if a man is speaking) or
ya delaiu vsio shta magu shtoby ty liubil minia (if it's a woman)
I want you to love me as I love you Я хочу, чтобы ты любила меня так же, как я тебя люблю or
Я хочу, чтобы ты любил меня так же, как я тебя люблю
ya khachu shtoby ty liubila minia tak zhe kak ya tibia liubliu (if a man is speaking) or
ya khachu shtoby ty liubil minia tak zhe kak ya tibia liubliu (if it's a woman)
Do you love me? Ты любишь меня? ty liubish minia
Free Russian Translation:
What to say in everyday situations
How are you? Как дела? kak dila
Ok; I'm ok Нормально narmal'na
I'm fine Хорошо kharasho
So-so Так себе tak sibe
Bad; Badly Плохо plokha
And you? А у тебя? a u tibia
What is your name? Как вас зовут? or
Как тебя зовут?
kak vas zavut (to an unknown person) or
kak tibia zavut (to a friend)
My name is ... Меня зовут … minia zavut
I'm pleased to meet you Я рад познакомиться
Я рада познакомиться
ya rad paznakomitsa (if a man is speaking) or
ya rada paznakomitsa (if it's a woman)
Nice to meet you Очень приятно ochin' priyatna
Can you speak English? Вы говорите по-английски? or
Ты говоришь по-английски?
vy gavarite pa angliski (to an unknown person) or
ty gavarish pa angliski] (to a friend)
A little Чуть-чуть chut' chut'
Yes Да da
No Нет niet
Where do you live? Где вы живете? or
Где ты живешь?
gdie vy zhyviote (to an unknown person) or
gdie ty zhyviosh (to a friend)
I live in (the USA/Great Britain/Russia) Я живу в США/Великобритании/России ya zhyvu v seshea/velikabritanii/rasii
Do you understand me? Вы понимаете меня? or Ты понимаешь меня? vy panimaete minia (to an unknown person) or
ty panimaesh minia (to a friend)
Of course Конечно kanieshna
I don't understand Я не понимаю ya ni panimaiu
I understand (I see) Я понимаю ya panimaiu
I don't know Я не знаю ya nie znaiu
Sorry (Excuse me) Извините or
izvinitie (to an unknown person) or
izvini (to a friend)
What's new? Что нового? shto novava
Can I help you? Я могу вам помочь? or
Я могу тебе помочь?
ya magu vam pamoch' (to an unknown person) or
ya magu tibe pamoch' (to a friend)
Can you help me? Вы можете мне помочь?
Ты можешь мне помочь?
vy mozhite mnie pamoch' (to an unknown person) or
ty mozhish mnie pamoch' (to a friend)
Thank you Спасибо spasiba
Thank you very much Большое спасибо bal'shoe spasiba
You are welcome (Don't mention it) (Please) Пожалуйста pazhalusta
Come with me! Пойдемте со мной! or Пойдем со мной! paidiomte sa mnoi (to an unknown person) or
paidiom sa mnoi (to a friend)
What is this? Что это? shto eta
How much is this? (How much?) Сколько это стоит? (Сколько?) (Сколько стоит?) skol'ka eta stoit (skol'ka) (skol'ka stoit)
No problem! Без проблем bez prablem
I have to go Мне нужно идти mnie nuzhna iti
Good luck! Удачи! udachi

The Russian alphabet is here.

In addition to the abovementioned free Russian translation options, an online Russian dictionary may be helpful in meeting needs in free Russian translations.

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