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Whether you will or will not use a professional translation service to translate your tattoo, the design of your tattoo is equally important because it will be on your skin for a lifetime.

See the picture above? It features a collection of tattoo designs made by the best artists in the industry. 3000+ high quality tattoo designs are offered.

Moreover, a phrase creator widget, which you will get with the collection, can translate any English word or phrase into Hebrew, Arabic or Chinese. If you consider getting translated words on your body, this is the useful tool for you!

In addition, you will get an audio book that covers such topics as choosing a tattoo parlor and tattoo safety. Find out more here!


From forum posts:

    "I want to write my name in four different languages to get it tattooed on my back!"

    "As everyone else, I want to get a tattoo of my last name on my neck, but I want it in Chinese. So if anyone can help me, please write my last name is Chinese."

    "I want to go get my boyfriend’s name in Hebrew on my wrist, but can't find his name translation on the Net. If anyone can help me out, please email me."

Let's compare what you get from

    "anyone on the Net"/free online translators vs.
      professional translation services

"Anyone on the Net"/Free Online Translators

For free you get:

  • errant/absurd/inaccurate translation of a tattoo

  • negative emotions evoked by the fact that such tattoo is permanently marked into your skin

  • the need to get rid of the tattoo (unless you are going to tolerate and hide it for life)

  • pain and scarring when you remove the tattoo, and considerable expenses in connection with this procedure

Professional Translation Service

For a reasonable price you get:

  • accurate tattoo translation with due attention to nuances of the word or text being translated

  • happiness and peace of mind because of a good tattoo that you can proudly show off for the rest of your life

  • no need to get rid of the tattoo, no pain and scarring, no additional expenses

The Choice Is Yours!

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