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We are living in tough times and good translation jobs are getting harder and harder to find. As professional translators, we face serious competition from volunteer and amateur translators who participate in crowdsourced translation projects, as well as from translation agencies and, of course, from our colleagues who work in the same language pairs.

Look at the fees of translation agencies. These fees must be a feast for the eyes of translation buyers, but not for our eyes. Well, translation agencies have to survive in new economic realities too!

Visit any large language and translation job portal. How many colleagues in your language pair are registered there? Hundreds? Thousands?

The question is, how to get your voice heard by potential clients above the thousands of other freelancers out there?

We lower our rates, work to tight deadlines (which can increase the risk of a heart attack, by the way), accept translation memory discounts and unpaid test translations, register our profiles with more and more translation agencies and job portals...

Stop hunting for low-paying language and translation jobs.

Make direct clients chase after you.

Watch this program.

suild your site with SBI

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • As a freelancer, have you ever tried to sell your services through your own website? Yes? Great!
  • (If no, skip down to the next section)

  • With the help of your website, have you built a client base so large that one day you've said... "Sorry, I am unavailable for assignment from new clients."? Hardly you have.

Most freelancers are not able to achieve such results through their websites. Because they lack specialized knowledge and tools to build a high-traffic website. And on the Net, no traffic – no business!

What is offered for you here?

A proven step-by-step process, detailed and clear instructions, and highly effective tools that will build your business. The time and energy you invest in hunting for jobs are worthy of a better cause. Build your business and a better life for you and your family!

If you have ever dreamed of your own profitable website, but thought you could never build it, this is your chance. Yes, you can with SBI!.

Have questions? You are welcome to ask them here!

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SBI! Monthly Billing Option

The Service Sellers Masters Course

Service Sellers Masters Course

This FREE ebook will show you how using SBI! will dramatically increase your chances to succeed online as a service seller.

On the Net, you'll find endless offerings of software and information for those who sell services. I'm not sure which is worse... the overpriced products that underdeliver, or all the free info available, most of which does not work so it costs you something more valuable even than money... your time.

But poring over The Service Sellers Masters Course definitely will not be the loss of time. Sections of this book do provide some useful reading that teaches very important things about selling services online.

I have discovered this book some time ago, reread it several times, and it has been an eye-opener for me. The things I've learned are, in particular:

  • How to develop a site concept
  • How to find profitable related keywords
  • How to build a themed site that establishes credibility and inspires trust in potential clients
  • How to generate motivated, targeted traffic that wants to contact me.

The Service Sellers Masters Course is a free e-book. Click here to download and start reading it right now!

You can save it to your desktop and pass it along to your colleagues, friends, relatives, bosses… anyone who sells services online.

And here is the other way of growing your client base. It is more quick and simple.

I am talking about

The Freelance Translator's
Ultimate List of Translation Agencies

My personal experience of using such lists was positive.

When I quitted my in-house translation job and started freelancing, I had no clients. I bought a list of translation agencies and sent out emails according to the instructions attached to the list.

The agencies replied. Frankly saying, the number of those replies upset me greatly. Either because of my language pairs or because of my specialization, the replies were few. Some translation agencies said that they added my details to their databases, others requested further details or free test translations.

translation jobs Eventually only three agencies became my clients, BUT I earned from them several thousand euros over the following years.

My conclusion:

This strategy works!

In view of the very modest price (only USD 13), a purchase of The Freelance Translator's Ultimate List of Translation Agencies will be well worth it. Moreover, as a nice extra bonus, you'll get a free e-book called Forty Tips for Freelancers.

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