Resources For Those Who Learn Foreign Languages

This page is  for people who learn or would like to learn foreign languages.

Whether or not you are looking to launch your career as a translator, interpreter or a language teacher, knowledge of a foreign language is a big plus in life, to my mind.

I am fully bilingual (Russian and Ukrainian mother tongues) and have learned English as a second language first in high school and then in university. This knowledge of three languages gives me direct access to three cultures, three different worlds.

I chose to be a professional translator, but if I hadn't I would still benefit from learning a foreign language. Knowledge of languages opens many doors: it is easier to find a job and to do business internationally, and you will not feel lost while traveling overseas.

Below are links to language learning sites that I believe provide useful information to language learners:

Learn foreign languages:

Portuguese Language

Portuguese language guide, the right site to learn Portuguese.

French Language

French course in Nice
Specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE), our school is amongst the most reputed on the CТte d'Azur. More than 2500 students, representing almost 40 nationalities, choose to come here each year to learn French.

French language guide, the right site to learn French.

Italian Language

Learn Italian in Italy | Italian Courses
Live a new experience, a language course and a wonderful holiday in the best sea of the world.

English Language

Top ESL Sites

Brian Miller Sprachschule Leipzig, Jena, Magdeburg
Englischunterricht mit Muttersprachlern direkt in Ihrem Unternehmen oder bei Ihnen zu Hause. Sie erhalten bedarfsorientierten, inhaltlich modernen und gut strukturierten Unterricht. Wir erstellen gern ein unverbindliches und kostenloses Angebot. (The website is in German. It offers English lessons with native speakers in your company or at home.)

Language Institute
Berlitz, English language school & institute offers corporate training, business & conversation English learning courses for people taking up ESL to improve communication skills in Singapore.

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