List of Translation Dictionaries

Free online translation dictionaries gain in popularity. Although it may seem that they are replacing hard copy dictionaries, publishers continue to publish paper dictionaries.

And paper dictionaries continue to be in demand as an indispensable source of information for language learners, translators and linguists.

If you once have searched for a suitable dictionary, you know how easy it is to sink in an ocean of dictionaries.

My short list of paper translation dictionaries is intended to provide some help in the searches.

  1. Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business
    Author: Thomas L. West
    Publisher: Atlanta: Protea Publishing
    Price: $249.95 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    A reputable translation dictionary. Highly recommended to Spanish-English translators. The dictionary provides American English equivalents for legal and business terms used in Spanish-speaking countries. It is not a comprehensive legal dictionary, but rather a supplementary dictionary that covers hard-to-find terms. In addition, the dictionary has a small section of English-Spanish terms.
  2. The Welsh Learner's Dictionary
    Author: Heini Gruffudd
    Publisher: Y. Lolfa, Wales
    Price: $8.53 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    This dictionary is for beginner and intermediate learners of Welsh. 20,000 Welsh words and phrases reflecting modern vocabulary, word mutations, idioms, examples of different meaning of the same word, basic grammar, and pronunciation details provide a solid basis for people who want to learn Welch. The dictionary is easy to use and has English-Welsh and Welsh-English sections.

  3. English-Hungarian Dictionary
    Authors: Laszlo Orszagh and Tamas Magay
    Publisher: Akademia Kiado
    Publication Date: 1988
    Price: $147.96 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    Hungarian-English Dictionary
    Authors: Laszlo Orszagh, Dezsoe Futasz and Zoltan Kovecses
    Publisher: Akademia Kiado
    Publication Date: 1988
    Price: (unavailable at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    Reflects recent changes in the Hungarian language caused by political and economic as well as scientific and technological developments. It is a long-awaited new dictionary that has replaced English-Hungarian translation dictionaries compiled as far back as 1960th. The strengths of this new dictionary include the following: 1) if the exact equivalent for a word does not exist, an explanation of the word is provided in brackets (the Hungarian-English volume); 2) a careful choice of abbreviations (the English-Hungarian volume); 3) the American English spelling and the British English spelling of words (both volumes).

  4. Swedish-English / English-Swedish (Hippocrene Practicl Dictionary)
    Author: Harald Hille
    Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc.
    Publication Date: 2011
    Price: from $19.84 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    This bilingual dictionary is compact. But it contains not just basic words, but a lot of up-to-date terms in the fields of information technology, tourism, the European Union, immigration, education, and sports. It is targeted to native speakers of American English. The introduction to this translation dictionary vividly describes Sweden as well as the peculiarities of the Swedish language. The weakness of the dictionary is that it provides a general 3-page introduction to pronunciation of Swedish words instead of pronunciation for each word listed in the dictionary.

  5. German Business Dictionary
    Author: Morry Sofer
    Publisher: Schreiber Publishing
    Publication Date: 2005
    Price: $24.95 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    If you are looking for a handy, compact dictionary of German and American business terms, look no further. Unlike thick translation dictionaries, it doesn't provide exhaustive terminology and in-depth explanations. However, this dictionary is useful as a quick reference providing a quick reminder in situations when there is no time and possibility to explore more comprehensive resources.

  6. Korean Business Dictionary (English into Korean)
    Author: Morry Sofer
    Publisher: Schreiber Publishing
    Publication Date: 2006
    Price: $24.95 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    Despite the fact that this glossary-like dictionary has many weaknesses (no definitions, explanations, and etymologies of listed terms; no table of contents and appendices), it can be recommended as a reference book that covers modern business and computer terms. And against the background of scarcity of such publications, this dictionary is a welcome effort that deserves attention of professional English-Korean translators.

  7. The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary
    Author: R.S. McGregor
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Publication Date: 1997Price: from $22.21 (at as of Jan 11, 2012)
    This comprehensive dictionary covers modern Urdu vocabulary plus words from Southern and Eastern Hindi, Avadhi, Braj, Rajasthani, Punjabi. The dictionary provides unmodified Sanskrit words along with their modified equivalents. Also, one can find regional variations, pronunciation for each listed word, detailed etymologies, examples of usage, transliteration of loanwords from Arabic. A useful dictionary for all learners of Hindi.

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