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This interactive map of Ukraine shows you a large European country, largely undiscovered by foreigners. Ukraine is a nation of 45 million population represented by more than 130 nationalities. The majority are Ukrainians (about 78%). Russians rank second (about 17%). The Ukrainian language is the mother tongue for 67.5% of the population of Ukraine.

The greener the color of the region on the map, the more Ukrainians speak the Ukrainian language in this region. Mouse over regions for details.

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Seacoasts and sandy beaches, fertile soils, more than 20,000 rivers, virgin forests, rare mineral resources. Ukraine is all that and so much more. Click on each region to see a photo and read a very brief description of the region. Ukrainian cities, which are administrative centers of regions, are shown on the map too. Mouse over dots to see names of the cities.

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Vacation on the Desna River Not rated yet
My husband and I spent a three-week vacation on the Desna River in Chernihiv Oblast. It was in July of 2010. I took a lot of photos of this quiet river …

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