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Not sure into which language your document should be translated? For a start, consult the Languages of the World Map below. This map features official and some other languages used in different countries all over the world. The map will be useful for businesses, travelers, and people interested in foreign languages.

Move your mouse over a country on the map to see the official and other languages spoken in this country. Click on the country or region to zoom it. Also, you can click on the map to drag it.

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Caveat: Before translating anything into a foreign language, contact your business partner and/or your language service provider to find out precisely what language is needed. Let me give you an example. As a Ukraine-based translator, I was contacted by a company that requested an English into Ukrainian translation of an operating manual for equipment supplied to a plant located in Southern Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukrainian is an official language in Ukraine, I have recommended translating the operating manual into Russian because Russian is a predominant language in southern regions of Ukraine.

Other world maps available on the site:

Map of Ukraine

Map of Russia

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