Weird Inscription With Ukrainian Word

by native Ukrainian speaker

Funny Ukrainian mistranslation

Funny Ukrainian mistranslation

I've just came across products with this inscription on the Net. The text intends to say: "World's Best Dad", the word dad being written in Ukrainian as тата. However, this only Ukrainian word is used in the wrong case.

The nominative case - тато - is the case that must be used here. Instead, the word is used in the form characteristic to genitive and accusative cases.

There are a lot of products with this inscription on the Net (t-shirts, shorts, mugs, caps, aprons, pillows, bags, etc.). I wonder why those who created this inscription have not consulted an English-Ukrainian dictionary before printing the inscription on products. It would cost them nothing and would take a few minutes to refer to the dictionary. If they had consulted the dictionary, they would not have the inscription with a mistake that looks funny and weird to any Ukrainian.

What a show of disrespect to the Ukrainian language and to the customers interested in buying products with Ukrainian inscriptions!

The table below demonstrates how the Ukrainian word тато is declined. Red font shows the place of the stress in the word:

Case Singular Plural
Nominative тато тати
Genitive тата тат
Dative тату, татові татам
Accusative тата тат
Instrumental татом татами
Locative на/у таті, татові на/у татах
Vocative тато тати

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A slang dictionary would have helped
by: Leslie Woodford

It is funny that Tata is the incorrect word in Ukrainian, but this slogan becomes even more humorous when you view it with American English eyes. In the US, "tata" is slang word for "breast."

This woman would not want to run around with that slogan emblazoned on my chest ...

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