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Traditional Chinese language translation, with its long history of about 3000 years, is deeply rooted in Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Faithfulness to the source text and fluency in Chinese were the core components of traditional Chinese translation theories. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the first records of translation activities appeared under the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BC). China now is experiencing the fourth wave of translation which reflects new socio-cultural realities and new translation theories.

I've set up an automatic news update system here to brief you on current news about Chinese language translation. You can read regularly updated stories on Chinese translations and Chinese translators pulled together by Google News.

Before proceeding to today's news, I can't help citing one established fact: Interestingly enough, translation was regarded as a marginal activity for centuries in China. That was probably due to the fact that the Chinese culture was perceived in China as infinitely superior to other cultures. So translation, as a way of transferring knowledge and ideas from other cultures, was not in demand.

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Today, after opening doors to the outside world, China's attitude towards other cultures has radically changed and translation services, once underestimated, have become fully valued. Moreover, the booming economy and increased political influence of China make Chinese translation experts quite sought after all over the world.


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