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To translate text from a source language to a target language and make a good translation, a translator should observe the following principles:

1. Accuracy. The translator should completely convey all thoughts of the author to readers. Furthermore, not only the main points, but also nuances and shades of the message should be conveyed.

While taking care of the completeness of message conveying, the translator, at the same time, should not add anything on his behalf. The translator should not supplement and explain the author. That would be the distortion of the original text too.

2. Conciseness. The translator should not verbalize; thoughts should be clothed in a concise and laconic form to the maximum.

3. Clarity. However, laconic brevity and conciseness of the language of translation should not be to the detriment of the clarity of presentation and facility of understanding of thoughts. Complicated and ambiguous turns of speech, which make difficulties for understanding, should be avoided. Thoughts should be presented intelligibly.

4. Conformity with the literary language. Translation should pass standards of the literary form of the target language. Each phrase should sound naturally without any allusions to syntactic structures of the original when such syntactic structures are alien to the target language.

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