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thai translation, thai language, Ramkhamhaeng The advent of globalization and the Internet triggered a growing need for translation all over the world. Thailand has not been an exception. Translation and interpretation are emerging sectors in Thailand today.

The role of English in Thailand is quite important. However, there is only one official language in the country, the Thai language. The Thai alphabet was created by King Ramhamhaeng the Great (you can see him on the photo) in the 13th century.

If you need something translated between English and Thai, be prepared for text expansion/contraction in translation. Expect a 15% expansion when translating from English to Thai and a 5% to 15% contraction when translating in the reverse direction, from Thai to English.

What does it mean for you as a translation buyer?
  • Try to agree on price based on English word with your language service provider.
  • Allow enough space for expansion of a translated text, especially in graphically rich marketing materials and product labeling.

How to prepare your documents for translation? What are the basic steps of the translation process? Get answers to these questions on the Professional Translation Services page.


Thai dictionary, Thai translation A series of Thai learning products will help you learn or master your Thai:

  • Translate English to Thai - This program contains over 1,500 useful sentences and words in English with Thai script translation and English phonetics. Excellent for practicing sentence building and reading.
  • English Thai Dictionary - Contains over 20,000 words and sentences. A trial version is available.

    Other good dictionaries on offer: English Thai Talking Dictionary and English Thai Speaking Dictionary

  • Spoken Thai - Thai language learning software suitable for both beginner and advanced learners.

Find out more here about English-Thai dictionaries and language learning software.

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