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The ancient Greek philosopher Aesop thought that the best and at the same time the worst thing in the world was… tongue.

Aesop was a slave of Xanthus, a rich man, but much wiser than his master. One day, he cleverly helped Xanthus and his wife to reconcile. The next day, Xanthus, wishing to give a dinner for his friends, entrusted Aesop to go to the market and buy the choicest victuals that money could buy. Aesop bought tongues.

The dinner consisted of four courses. When Xanthus with his guests found that each course was made of tongues cooked in a different way, they got furious. "Didn't I tell you to buy the best thing imaginable that money could buy?" asked Xanthus. "Yes", replied Aesop, "But is there anything better than the tongue? It is a channel of learning, a key to all knowledge, an organ that proclaims truth and praises God."

"Well," said Xanthus, "Go to the market tomorrow and buy the worst thing you can find for the dinner. We'll see what you'll bring."

Aesop went to the market and bought tongues again. When Xanthus asked for explanations, Aesop said, "It was an evil tongue that caused a quarrel between you and your wife. The tongue is the source of deviation and wars. It is used to spread blasphemy, slander and lies. Undoubtedly, there is nothing worse in the world than the tongue."






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