French Language Translation: What's New

french language translation Before moving on to the news about French language translation, let's start with a brief overview of the translation market in France.

There are about 4,000 in-house and 8,000 freelance translators in France. There is no official professional status and no national accreditation for translators in the country (for example, such as accreditation by the NAATI in Australia or by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Justice in Venezuela).
Raoul de Presles presents his translation to Charles V of France

French translators can hardly be called well-paid professionals. On average, buyers of translation services should expect to pay about EUR 0.12 per word for technical translations in France.

However, translation rates may vary depending on the text difficulty, word count, deadlines and some other factors (read more on factors influencing translation rates).

Interpreters in France work mostly as conference interpreters, interpret into/from three languages, and use the simultaneous interpreting method. Their payment starts from EUR 400 per day.

Translations from English to French account for the lion's share of the French translation market. Next go German-French translations followed by Spanish-French and Italian-French translations. Translations form the Arabic language are also in demand since Arabic (in particular Algerian and Moroccan dialects) is the second most spoken language in the country.

To get quality French translation, pay attention not only to the language proficiency but also to the specialization of translators. The most common specializations on the French translation market are: literary, commercial and financial, legal, medical, technical (engineering, manufacturing, IT, etc.), and audiovisual.


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