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If I tell you that it is possible to get free translations provided by professional translators, you might think I'm kidding. But I am not. Professional translators do translate for free. Let's see when it is the case.

Translation graduates and beginning translators with little experience may offer free language translations. Such free projects help them gain experience and get client testimonials important for their future career in the translation industry.

There are student volunteer organizations that provide translation services for various clients. Just a few examples:

    "The Princeton University Language Project… offers free translation services in more than five languages to charitable organizations based both in the U.S. and abroad"

    "English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a Washington and Lee University student volunteer organization that works with the local community by providing free English and Spanish classes, translations for public agencies, businesses and religious organizations..."

At times, translation companies can offer translation services for free to gain exposure and attract new clients. Examples:

    "London Translations is offering its medical translation services free of charge"

    "Echo International, a downtown-based foreign language translation services firm, is offering free language services to museums and nonprofit organizations in Pittsburgh and Cleveland"

Even governmental departments offer translations free of charge. For example, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship says that they provide "a free translation service for people settling permanently in Australia."

Below is a list of some organizations that provide free human translation services:

  1. ICVolunteers ( offers free language translation services of volunteer translators and interpreters (students or young professionals who wish to gain experience) to non-profit organizations in the humanitarian, social, environmental and medical fields.

  2. Ashoka (, a global association that supports social entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs tackling urgent social issues) in different ways, including by provision of volunteer translation services.

  3. The Kidlink Project ( based in Sweden is open for children from all over the world and helps them to communicate and develop.

  4. Lipsie Languages (, a technical translation agency, offers free professional translations in English, French and Italian to registered members.

  5. Free Language Translation Forum ( Translation of words and short texts from/into any language.

To find more resources on free translators and free human translation, go to Free Translator Page.

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