List of Free Translation Software has received requests to provide a list of free translation software. There are so many free translation-related software products of all sorts on the Net that such a list can be very long. So I have limited it to a few products that may be worthy of being noted. However, I can’t guarantee the quality of these products. Neither can I personally endorse them.

Here is this list of free translation software with brief descriptions:

1. Freelang Dictionary for Windows. Size: 443 KB. Easy to install. Bilingual dictionary software (into/from English). 260+ dictionaries are available. Languages vary from commonly spoken, such as Spanish, German and French, to more rare, such as Ch'ti, Lak, Maxakali and Võro, to name a few. You should download and install the main program and then the language packages you need.

2. OmegaT for Linux, Mac, Windows 98 or higher. Size: 21.97 MB. A free translation memory tool intended for professional translators. It will not translate documents for you; however it has an interface to automatic translation provided by Google Translate. OmegaT sends a segment of a text to Google Translate and displays the resulting automatic translation in a separate window. Translators can then post-edit this translation. If you are a professional translator and have not yet bought a CAT tool, try this free translation software to see how translation memory tools work. OmegaT can be used with non-Latin alphabets, can work with right-to-left languages and is compatible with other translation memory applications (TMX).

3. Traductor Global 2.0 for Windows. Size: 721 KB. This free translation software product automatically translates English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, and Japanese. How it works: select source and target languages; paste the content to be translated in a special box; click and get the translation. Global Translator can translate words, texts of up to 6,000 words, and Web pages.

4. Programma Dizionario for Windows. An Italian dictionary program. Italian into/from 70 languages. First you should download and install a core program (394 KB). After that, you should download and install a dictionary of your choice. The site is in Italian. However, quick instructions in English are available.

5. Wikitup for Windows. Size: 4,944 KB. A free multilingual desktop dictionary. To get a translation of a word on the screen, press CTRL + click the word to look up. In addition, it is possible to find related images, videos and songs. This dictionary uses information from Wikipedia, Wiktionary, YouTube, Picasa and other resources.

6. Lingoes for Windows. Size: 4.84 MB - 5.27 MB, depending on the product version. It is a dictionary and text translation software. It offers, in particular, full text translation and lookup dictionaries in over 80 languages. Also, it offers pronunciation of English words and supports the cursor translator.

7. Chat Translator And Speaker for Skype for Windows. Size: 2.23 KB. This is a free translation software for Skype. It allows to translate chat messages in real-time and supports 43 languages. Also, it can pronounce chat messages and Skype contact status changes in 10 languages.

8. The Meaning for Windows. Size: 185 MB. Dictionary software with many useful functions such as language translator, speech engine and currency conversion. Supports English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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