Discounts in Translation Fees

There are translators that never give a discount. I personally, as a professional translator, do not welcome discounts in translation fees either, but accept some discounts because they have become an industry standard.

Let's take a look at common and not-so-common discounts in translation.

Common Discounts

Translation memory discounts. Read about them in detail on the
Translation Fees Page

Volume discounts can be negotiated when the translation project is very large.

Discounts for regular clients. I've not heard of professional translators giving discounts for their regular clients, but translation agencies do provide such discounts at times (special promotions, discount vouchers) in order to keep their recurring clients.

Discount for poor work. The reduction in the translation price when the client is not satisfied either because of the substandard translation quality or because of the broken deadlines.

Not-So-Common Discounts

World crisis discount. I've noticed recently that some translation agencies and direct clients have started to ask for "world crisis" discount. Poor freelance translators! Why should we help to survive translation buyers and agencies at our own expense? The world crisis with its escalating prices and tax rates affects our pockets as well. We, translators, do not live in Paradise and can't afford sponsoring neither translation agencies nor translation buyers.

Discounts to nonprofit or charity organizations in exchange for crediting the translator for the translation. The credit can be in the form of a link to a website of the translator or the translator credits printed in the translated document.

Academic discounts. People who study at colleges and universities sometimes ask for discounts because their documentation has no commercial purpose.

First-job discount. A promotional discount for the first job.

Old-client discount. A client has used the services of the translator in the past and wants a discount on the new job he/she offers to the translator.

Translators are not happy to give discounts. And some toughies, as I've already mentioned, never give them. Before asking your translator for a discount, think how much you'll save on this and how much you can lose if really good, experienced and reliable translator will refuse to work at the discounted rate.

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